Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'll present an outline of how to write a jingle and tips for writing effective ones.
Know the product: What are you trying to sell? A service? A product? A company? Do you want to focus on radio jingles? TV commercial jingles?
Drill the name: The jingle must mention and repeat the specific name of the product or company and what it does.
Set your slogan to a tune: There is much evidence to show that we remember tunes better than mere words. That's why a jingle is generally much easier to remember than just a slogan.
Use assonance (repetition of vowel sounds -- 'eat cheap') and alliteration (repetition of consonant sounds -- 'Lemon-lime'): This makes your jingle fun to sing!
Choose strong words: Select action verbs, clear nouns and adjectives that stand out. Avoid overused, dull words. For example, a 'nice, fast car' becomes a 'smooth, speedy ride.'
Use puns: Use a play on words to help the consumer remember the product.

Use repetition: Hearing a name in relation to a product lodges it in the memory. The Use rhymes: This technique is very helpful.
Use hyperbole: Exaggerate in a funny or memorable way.
Use similes and metaphors
Use a combination: Chances are, you will use several of these advertising techniques together.
Keep it simple: Review and revise;
Keep it smooth: As you revise, clean up any sloppy wording. Repeat it to make sure it flows and isn't awkward in any way.
Jingles are the backbone of advertising! Though you can't plagiarize, you can get inspiration from the jingles you love.
Required Tools:
Keep it simple.
Emphasize the product name.
Quick Tips:
People like humorous jingles.
Develop a catchy tune.

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